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Ahntal Valley Sun trail - Path St. Leonard

The traces of Saint Leonhard ...

Ahntal Valley Sun trail - Path St. Leonard    
Duration: 1.5 hours
Altidude: 233 m
Altidude downhill: 200 m
Difficulty: easy
Start: St. Jakob-San Giacomo/church 1192 m
End: St. Jakob-San Giacomo/church 1192 m
Marking: 12 + 17
Introduction:The sun trail “sunnsat” is a net of ways and invites to walk and to peregrinate. These ways in the times gone by, were used by smugglers and for other things. Now doing this ways you can pass the blooming fields, the mixed forest and the traditional farms.
Path description:Church St. Jakob-San Giacomo, 1192 m - n. 17 Lahntal, 1229 m - installation "Kneipp" - Unterberghof, 1389 m - Mühlweg - n. 12 St. Jakob/church-San Giacomo/chiesa, 1192 m.
Theme of the walk:The trail leads walkers to a truly unique sight: the artist Jakob Oberhollenzer's exposition park that includes a series of breathtaking life-size wooden sculptures. You’ll quickly realise however this is a trail every bit as much about the journey as the destination. Stunning scenery, views of life then and now, farm work, art and contemplation will provide engaging companions along your walk.Passing between one station and another, walkers are immersed in rural-life and farm work. Vivid texts and images focussing on the themes of “From corn to bread”, “From flax to linen” and “Woodwork in the forest” help provide an insight into what has made this special place tick for generations. In addition you can enjoy the sense of well-being while walking barefoot or the exhilarating experience of treading fresh glacial water. The trail is named after the patron saint Leonhard, revered by local farmers whose diverse interests he represents. Religion and popular beliefs have left a lasting impression on rural-life here. You can head back from the sculpture garden crossing the street directly to the village. If you have more time however, take a leisurely walk past some of the local farms and the bus stop in front of Gasthof Garber, then back to the car park.
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