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Health trail Prettau/Predoi

Wet-ionic-wind, barefoot-way, church ...

Health trail Prettau/Predoi    
Length: 5 km
Duration: 1.5 hours
Altidude: 150 m
Altidude downhill: 20 m
Difficulty: easy
Start: Climatic gallery Prettau/Predoi
End: House of Natural Park Kasern/Casern 1600 m
Marking: 11 + 12 + 13
Introduction: Regular exercise amid nature works as an active preventative, helping to achieve a balanced harmony between mind, body and soul. 

Path description:
The health track in Prettau starts close by the Climatic Gallery in Prettau and is 5 km long. At first it is lightly ascending, will pass historical and cultural valuable places originally part of the ancient cupper mine in Prettau such as a miners village and the Rebecca gallery. From there the path will be even until the end.

Theme of the walk: If someone has interest in trying the healing wet-ionic-wind from the waterfall, able to release disturbs from asthma or allergies, is welcome. Intensively you will discover the healing high-altitude air, which is clean and free of toxic elements. At the nature-bath we will try some Kneipp-exercises with cold water and walk on a barefoot-way and at the same time the immune-system will be strengthen. Other stations along the health track in Prettau are: the old miners house, named “Mösern” with a little chapel, the small church “Heilig Geist” (holy spirit), the alp area Prastmann and the Natural Park House in Kasern ...
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