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The most beautiful hiking routes through the Tauferer Ahrntal Valley in South Tyrol.

Experience a variety of hikes in the Tauferer Ahrntal Valley in South Tyrol

The Tauferer Ahrntal Valley is one of the most beautiful hiking areas in South Tyrol with an immense variety of hiking trails between 860 and 3.499 meters a.s.l. To crest a Three-Thousander following the footsteps of alpinist legend Hans Kammerlander or the young alpinist Simon Gietl would really be a great challenge.

Hiking in the Tauferer Ahrntal Valley makes you long for more!
Even the racing to the peak of these two experienced alpine guides began by discovering their love for hiking. Hiking means to live nature, physical activity, mental balance, relax, mobility, to come to peace, to enjoy the view and much more. Once you have discovered this love, you will always return to the wonderful mountain world and not seldom come back to hike in the Tauferer Ahrntal Valley in South Tyrol.

Hiking vacation in the South Tyrolean hiking paradise Tauferer Ahrntal Valley

You don’t find so many valleys in the Alps with such hiking possibilities, from the simple, comfortable wandering to the glacier tour. Beside the impressive view from the partly high alpine hiking trails,, there is also a wonderful flora and fauna to discover, not to forget the abundance of water: gushing streams, blustering waterfalls, wonderful biotopes.

The pleasure during the hiking vacation

But in the end also the people give a valley its character and soul. They fondly manage the high alpine slopes and huts, preserving this wonderful landscape for the wandering observer.
Acereto/Ahornach - Cadipietra/Steinhaus    
Acereto/Ahornach - Cadipietra/Steinhaus
Length: 18.402 km
Duration: 8 hours
Altidude: 1466 m
Altidude downhill 1753 m
Start: Ahornach 1335 m
End: Steinhaus 1049 m
Alpine landscape    
Alpine landscape
Length: 17.607 km
Duration: 7.5 hours
Altidude: 1494 m
Altidude downhill 1494 m
Start: Steinhaus 1043 m
End: Steinhaus 1043 m
Alta Via di Fundres/Pfunderer Höhenweg    
Alta Via di Fundres/Pfunderer Höhenweg
Length: 72.361 km
Duration: 29.5 hours
Altidude: 5744 m
Altidude downhill 5681 m
Start: Vipiteno/Sterzing 952 m
End: Falzes/Pfalzen 1015 m
Alta Via di Neves high-altitude trail    
Alta Via di Neves high-altitude trail
Length: 17.865 km
Duration: 6.5 hours
Altidude: 1045 m
Altidude downhill 1045 m
Start: Lago di Neves Stausee 1860 m
End: Edelrauthütte 2545 m
Around Flemmberg    
Around Flemmberg
Length: 13.438 km
Altidude: 942 m
Altidude downhill 972 m
Start: Oberlechner 1322 m
End: Eggespitz 2191 m
Length: 8.758 km
Altidude: 460 m
Altidude downhill 874 m
Start: Klausberg statzione valle 1594m
End: St. Jakob 1180m
Birnlücke/Forcella del Picco    
Birnlücke/Forcella del Picco
Kasern / Casere (1,599 m) - Obere Tauernalm / Malga Tauern di Sopra (2,018 m) - Krimmler Tauern / Passo dei Tauri (2,633 m) - Birnlücke / Forcella del Picco (2,667 m) - Birnlücken-Hütte / Rifugio Tridentina (2,439 m) - Kehreralm / Malga Kehrer (1,811 m) – Kasern / Casere (1,599 m)
Altidude: 841 m
Altidude downhill 841 m
Start: Kasern 1599 m
End: Kasern 1599 m
Bizat hut    
Bizat hut
Length: 2.2 km
Altidude: 401 m
Altidude downhill 16 m
Start: Mühlegg/Hotel Gallhaus 1032 m
End: Bizat hut 1406 m
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