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Alta Via di Fundres/Pfunderer Höhenweg

Alta Via di Fundres/Pfunderer Höhenweg    
Length: 72.361 km
Duration: 29.5 hours
Altidude: 5744 m
Altidude downhill: 5681 m
Difficulty: hard
Start: Vipiteno/Sterzing 952 m
End: Falzes/Pfalzen 1015 m
Marking: 24, Pfunderer Höhenweg, 17, 7
Descripiton:Day One: From the Vipiteno/Sterzing train station, the route follows the road for about a half hour towards Prati di Vizze/Wiesen (960 m): the trail begins at the entrance to the village. The path passes through forests and meadows until it reached the ridge, near Gschliesseneg lookout point (1,670 m). The trail continues over the slopes of the Zwölfernocks to Plitschalm alpine farm. From there, it rises further until it finally reaches a new self-catering facility, the Trenser-Joch bivouac (2,000 m), which sleeps eight but has no cooking facilities. An hour and a half further, you’ll find the next place where an overnight stay is possible, the Simile-Mahd alpine farm (2,011 m). In lieu of descending down to Simile-Madh, you can choose to continue along the ridge to the north side and head to the Rifugio Vipiteno/Sterzinger Hütte mountain hut. Note: Rifugio Vipiteno operates only intermittently.
Day Two: Two hours after you leave the Simile-Mahd alpine farm, you arrive at Giogo di Senges/ Sengesjoch (2,620 m) with the rugged landscape of the Lago Selvaggio/Wilden See Lake between rocky peaks and sparse patches of grass at your feet. Before you continue to the Rifugio Bressanone/Brixner Hütte mountain hut, a climb up Picco della Croce/Wilde Kreuzspitze peak is worth the effort: at 3,132 metres, it’s the highest peak of the Fundres Mountains.
Day Three: From the Rifugio Bressanone mountain hut, the path leads up to the Steinkarscharte at 2,610 metres. From there, the path ascends up to 2,709 metres on steep grass slopes to the top of Cima Vanscuro/Pfannspitze, which can be reached in about half an hour. Then it's down to Monte Largo/Weitenbergalm alpine farm. Walk around the Monte Largo cauldron at 2,200-2,300 metres in altitude, and then climb up the Kellerscharte. From there, the route traverses to the head of the valley at an elevation of 2,200 metres, where the ascent to Forcella di Dan/Dannelscharte (2,473 m) in the east begins. The finish line for the day is the Walther Brenninger Bivouac at Weißstein (2,150 m). Volunteers from the Bressanone division of the South Tyrol Alpine Association built this shelter in the summer of 1977 by restoring a run-down sheep pen. The bivouac sleeps eight people.
Day Four: The itinerary for the day includes crossing the Weißsteinkares cirque, traversing the Gaisscharte and descending in the direction of Lago Ponte di Ghiaccio/Eisbruggsee Lake to Rifugio Ponte di Ghiaccio/Eisbruggjochhütte mountain hut (also known as Edelrauthütte).
Day Five: From the Eisbruggjoch mountain hut, the Alta Via di Fundres leads downwards for a bit, and then bends to the left towards Rifugio Lago della Pause/Tiefrastenhütte mountain hut. The duration of the day’s hike is about 6 ½ hours.
Day Six: On the last day, the trail leads from the Tiefrastenkar cirque (an amphitheater-like valley head) on a mountain ridge that runs west/east between the valleys of Val di Selva dei Molini/Mühlwaldertal and Val Pusteria/Pustertal, the last foothills of the Fundres Mountains. A nearly flat hike through alpine meadows takes you to the saddle, from where the La Portella/Kleine Tor, a passage into the Val di Selva/Mühlwalder Valley, can be reached in an hour and a half. Hikers enjoy a magnificent panorama of the main ridge of the Zillertal chain as far as Monte Sommo/Sambock.
Shortly afterwards, the show continues with views of the Dolomites to the south from the Sciliar/Schlern to the Punta dei Tre Scarperi/Dreischusterspitze. The trail then heads east, crossing over more peaks: from Hohen Spitze (2,403 m) over Cima Dodici/Zwölferspitz (2,351 m), Cima di Pozzo/Putzenhöhe (2,387 m), Grünseespitze (2,438 m) to the highest point, Cima Valperna/Bärentalerspitze (2,450 m). Here, you can decide to exit the trail to Issengo/Issing and Chienes/Kiens from Lago Verde/Grünsee Lake. Otherwise, the trail continues from Bärentalerspitze down towards the Geiger Mountain Farmstead and past Plata/Platten to Pfalzen/Falzes.

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Edelrauthütte/Rifugio Ponte di Ghiaccio
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