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Sun path - Sunnsat

Farmhouse-connecting path

Sun path - Sunnsat    
Length: 30 km
Duration: 7 hours
Altidude: 490 m
Altidude downhill: 490 m
Difficulty: medium
Start: St. Peter-San Pietro/church or Luttach/Lutago/Sportbar 970 m
End: St. Peter-San Pietro/church or Luttach/Lutago/Sportbar 970 m
Marking: 12 +4 + 6 + 6 a + 18 + 10 + 19 b + 23

Introduction:The sun trail sunnsat is a net of ways and invites to walk and to peregrinate. These ways in the times gone by, were used by smugglers and for other things. Now doing this ways you can pass the blooming fields, the mixed forest, the traditional farms und the huts.

Path description:The sun trail Sunnsat connects the villages of Luttach (path number 23) with St. Peter (path number 12) at an altitude between 1,000 and 1,335 metres above sea level. It can be walked from both sides. The entry paths from the valley begin near the bus stops.
St. Peter-San Pietro/church, 1364 m - n. 12 - St. Jakob-San Giacomo/church, 1192 m - n. 12 Steinhaus-Cadipietra (Kofelhöfe), 1215 m - n. 12 + 4 - Keilbach - n. 6 + 6 a - Holzberg (Bizathütte), 1416 m  - n. 18 - Bloßenberg (Platterhof), 1200 m - n. 10 + 19 b - Rohrberg (Stallila), 1472 m - n. 23 - Brunnberg (Großstahlhof), 1200 m - n. 23 - Luttach-Lutago/car park Sportbar, 970 m.

The theme of the walk:

On the trail of sun sunnsat between Luttach and St. Peter we can live the natural experience and the cultural history. We can see and admire very high figures of wood, realized for the international symposium of the wood carving. When we reached the head, we can have the look in the live of the farmer and we can try the specialities of the valley. And we walk on the end of this trail of sun sunnsat and the mountains and the glaciers greet us from far away.

The path crosses several brooks: Schwarzbach, Rotbach, Trippach, Frankbach, Keilbach and Wollbach. The waters thunder down into the valley and are fed by the glaciers of the Ziller Valley. Every tree and every stone could tell you a story. 

In times gone by, the path was used from some young men, who carried a ladder to their girlfriend's window, stories which often ended in family feuds. Traders and beggars walked from farmhouse to farmhouse and offered their merchandise or asked for alms. 
In former times, they were used also to go to school or church, as well as for transporting products.

Monuments: Numerous farmhouses along the way bear witness to varied and difficult times gone by. Often, the farmhouses had their own chapel in order to thank God and to keep their promises to God. Even today, they are a place for mediation and thoughtful prayer. In the cronicles it says that in 1878, a huge avalange of mud and stones came down from the Rotbach and buried the entire smelting works of the Prettau copper ore mine (Gisse section).

We hope have an enjoyable time walking along this path ... and enjoy some typical Ahrntal Valley specialities along the way.

We look forward to meeting you. SUNNSAT - pub owners.

Kreaktiv KG Wanderführer
Mario Larcher
Konrad Auer
Günther Ausserhofer
Georg Ratschiller
Bizat Hütte
    Days off: Wednesday (except July - middle of September, Christmas & Easter)
  • Mobile: +39 349 3622039
Hollenzalm hut
Daimer Alm
    Days off: none
  • Mobile: +39 349 7130859
Schwarzbachalm hut
Malga Wollbach/Wollbachalm
    Days off: from 20.09.: Wednesday
  • Mobile: +39 347 0183941
Kleinstahlhof - cheese dairy
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  • Cream, soft and hard chees from raw caprine milk
  • yoghurt

Opening time:April - December, 13.00–18.00
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