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Alpinism Trail in Acereto - Ahornach

Alpinism Trail in Acereto - Ahornach    
Duration: 2.5 hours
Difficulty: easy
Start: Acereto / Ahornach
End: Acereto / Ahornach
Theme of the hike:
Since ancient times the population of Ahrntal was always closely related to its mountains. The south side of the Zillertal Alps, the Hohe Tauern and the Rieserferner mountains have left impressions on its surrounding life and people. Whereas years ago the high peaks were unaccessible and unclimbable, the situation changed with land surveying in the 19th century and the flourishing of tourism around the turn of the century. Alpinism can thus be seen as a foundation for tourism in Sand in Taufers. The valley became interesting as there was a lot of, until then unknown, new climbing territory which attracted climbers from England and Germany to conquer first ascents. Simultaneously, the need for mountain guides and the construction of shelters and paths emerged. The most famous local mountain guide around the previous turn of the century was Johann Niederwieser Stabeler, the most famous local climber of the modern
era is Hans Kammerlander.

The path gives us insight into the mountaineering of the valley from past to present times. Charts and symbols along the way. Trail conditions: forest road. Difficulty: easy, walkable from spring to late autumn.

Path description:
The start is in Ahornach above the Rubner Höfe (farms) on the road to Pojen (1424 m; parking lot is a touch sooner; main road up to here or from the church in Ahornach you can walk on the path to the Abner Höfen (farms) and then shortly on the main road to the starting point). At the fork in the road , you follow trail nr. 11 into the forest. In gentle ascents and descents you get to the Ofner Hof (farm) (1543 m). You can return on the same path as you came on or you can descend on the Tourism Trail to Sand. The Alpinism Trail will be completed as part of a theme trails’ project
in the autumn of 2015.
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