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Christian Oberbichler    
Mühlen in Taufers/Molini di Tures
... ski touring
Christian Oberbichler
How did I discover this kind of sport?
I can’t answer this question, because for me it’s not really a sport. In my opinion sport means to compete with somebody and to train for that. But it’s not the way it is at all. It’s simply the passion to discover nature, to stand on a summit, to enjoy the quiet of mountains and the descent. Last summer I started to discover the mountains and glaciers. I simply didn’t want to stop doing it during the winter so I put on my skis. I began doing ski tours about a year ago and as soon I found out that the summits in winter are even more beautiful than in the summer I couldn’t stop anymore. At the same time I started learning telemark. The telemark style is ideal for the ski tours, nothing is more enchanting than descending the summit in the powder snow with the telemark style, it can’t be compared to „normal“ skiing. I don’t think I would have done so many tours with normal tour skis. ...

What do I love of this kind of sport/activity?
I think I have already answered this question…..
The mountains that are much more beautiful in the winter than in the summer. Obviously I love the descent, first because it’s great fun, second you avoid the tiresome going down the mountain in the summer.

Why is the Tauferer Ahrntal Valley suitable for this kind of sport/activity?
And what do I find particularly great in this valley for that kind of sport?
Because there are the mountains …especially here we have a lot of three thousand meter high mountains, ideal in the spring until late May or even the beginning of June. The Tauferer Ahrntal is ideal especially during that time as many tours start already pretty high (i.e. reservoir Lappach/Lappago, or Kasern/Casere) and you don’t have to carry your skis on the shoulder too far until you can put them on.

My inside tip
It’s difficult to answer. The same summit can be a secret tip today and tomorrow the exact contrary. It depends on the conditions. A sunrise is always something special and for that I would suggest the “Gr. Möseler”, the “V. Hornspitze” or the “Magerstein”.
A sunset is surely wonderful too, but it wouldn’t be ideal to be still on a three thousand meters high mountain in the winter at that time. Otherwise my favorites would be: Gr, Löffler, Gr. Möseler, Tunerkamp
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Sun, 25
min: 16°
max: 28°
Mon, 26
min: 13°
max: 25°
Snow heights
Mountain 2510m
Valley 950m
Last snowfall 1/1/0001
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Klausberg Flitzer
open from 25/05/2019 to 20/10/2019
Panorama K2 Klausberg
St. Johann
1017 m